Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Baby Room Takedown

The baby room at daycare got hit hard this week...Robert included. Nearly all the littles fell to RSV, bronchiolitis or the like. That meant nearly an entire week at home with Robert running on the treadmill! Seriously 6 days on treadmill and barely getting out of the house is enough to drive a girl batty! But the champ is on the mend and aside from nasty colds Dan and James weathered the storm well. 

Then the storm blew in...not the kind that makes national news and leaves us in a state of emergency, just the kind that leaves 2.5 ft of snow! The light, fluffy champagne powder that in my younger days would cause me to miss a couple days of work, throw on my board and wear myself out riding through waist deep powder! But at least I got in my miles and even a few workouts so hopefully I can have a somewhat decent run at surf city. I don't expect a PR race by any means but it'd be nice to run well. 

I did get a nice evening out at the Pearl Izumi headquarters at our Champion kit packet nice. It was a great night seeing how they make our custom gear and meeting new Champions...and getting out of the house for a beer! 

And in all my spare time I decided our honey oak bathroom cabinets were in desperate need of a makeover. The downside Dan thinks they look so much better I've been hired to refinish all the other bathrooms and the kitchen cabinets! 

And I almost forgot I got to leave the house for James' swim lesson! Finally found a wetsuit that kept him warm! Thanks to my Aunt Betty! No more shaking and blue lips so bad the other parents look at me funny! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Golden Hour

Yay for stroller runs
Lately we've been watching Billy Yang's video about Western States for James' before bed calm down time...mostly because 20-30 min of Tumble Leaf is more than Dan and I can bare most nights. This has seemed a good compromise since James likes the music. It doesn't matter how many times we watch that same video, but I always tear up watching Gunhild Swanson finish. And not just because of the amazing feat of this 70 year old woman, which is amazing and yes, if a 70 year old woman can run 100 miles you probably don't have any excuse for not being able to run, but what I think is absolutely incredible is watching how everyone on the track just starts cheering like crazy. There are no teams, it doesn't matter that she is finishing last, everyone is cheering for this one woman. I seriously love this crazy sport and the amazing sense of community it brings with it. And I really hope my boys appreciate this sense of community, of working together, of cheering and celebrating everyone, and of how hard especially these last finishers have worked to get across that line. 

This week marked the 5th week in a row of pretty regular training. Every day I feel more and more like I can get back to the consistency I was running before Robert. I still have my doubts about whether or not I can actually get in the training I need for a 100, but one step at a time. The goal right now is consistency and I'm getting there. I've been keeping up my speed work as well and starting to not only feel good doing it, but also like I've been slacking a lot lately. The more I've pushed the pace the more I've realized I can maintain a faster pace than I think I can in my head. I just need to stop slacking on my moderate runs so my body remembers I can actually move at something faster than a tortoise pace. 

With two weeks left until Surf City I think I'm as prepared as I can be for a winter marathon with 5 weeks notice. I was hoping to get in more of a 22 miler, but 19 followed by 2 days of stroller runs will have to do. Which by the way the warm days that I could get James out for stroller runs this past weekend were pretty much life savers for all of us! It also made Dan and I contemplate moving to California or Florida. I felt surprisingly good too which is always a bonus! 
Both boys in the cart for the first time on our Costco pilgrimage 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bleachable Moments

 This is pretty much how my week went...

 It's a good thing the boys are cute otherwise I might have lost my mind by now! In between cleaning the bathtub...

 and sheets...

I managed to get in a bit of training this week. I got in some hill repeats, my moderate runs and also met another PI runner who totally kicked my but and reminded me that I need to actually do some fast running once in awhile. Overall I did pretty well on my training, but I missed my long run so a bit nervous how that will play out at Surf City. The biggest positive is that was my 4th week in a row of pretty solid training so the consistency of training is coming back. I'm not sure I can really say I've gotten the balance thing down because dinner every night was a frantic mess of whatever we could pick up or throw together without any prep. Its just tough for us to operate that way so I still have a ways to go to finding that balance.

In other news James has turned into a little chatterbox...of course Dan and I are probably the only ones who can actually understand him so I feel like I'm constantly translating, but at least is verbal communication. He wants so bad to talk to people and have them understand what's going on in his head. Granted I'm not sure anyone will ever fully understand what's going on in his head. That kid is totally crazy most of the time. He has really been doing well with pretend play...especially with his baby...that baby sits next to him when he drinks milk, takes naps, plays in the bumbo, eats, sits in the carseat...and even gets breathing treatments...

And the greatest news is that sleep training has finally paid off and Robert is sleeping through the night! I honestly feel like a whole new person sleeping for a solid 6 hours...of course if I didn't have to get up before him to shower and work and all those fun tasks that take twice as long with a baby on your hip I might get a full night of sleep, but from what I hear I'm a solid 10 years away from seeing that again. 

Monday, January 11, 2016


I suppose I should finally get around to posting some goals now that my lottery season is over. Once again I struck out in all lotteries which changed the focus of my goals a bit. My main goal was the big buckle at Leadville, but now I'm not even sure I'll be running Leadville. It's definitely a surreal feeling going into a season with no assurance of getting into your big race. After some thought here are my goals for 2016

  • top 3 Leadville marathon; usually I don't like to set place goals because I want to be racing myself and not worrying about what the other women are doing, but this year I need to be top 3 to get the Leadville coin. I'd like to run around a 4:40-4:45 so I will be working pretty hard this spring to make this race happen
  • 10:15 at Quad Rock
  • sub-3:10 road marathon
  • improve nutrition both during races and in general
  • if by chance I do get into LT100 then big buckle; could be tough with such a focus on the marathon to then turn my attention to the 100 just a couple months later
  • potty train James - this may be the bane of my existence and I'm determined it will happen
  • and maybe if there's a bit of time left, spend a bit more time on myself so I'm less "raggedy" as Dan has mentioned
    you know its serious when you're training in the snow in 10F

    starting the new year off with Mexican might not be helping with the nutrition part

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Runner Again

first date run of the new year
Ah finally a string of a couple weeks with some good solid runs and back to my normal mileage! I finally feel like I'm settling in and getting back to myself. We'll see what happens next week when I'm back working in the office, but for now I feel somewhat successful. 

It's been a rough winter and I can't seem to find a dirt trail anywhere which is unusual for this time of year. We usually get the snow then melt and trails aren't consistently snowpacked until February. It's going to be a long winter at this rate. I'm trying to tell myself I have December down and now the days are getting longer and there are really only 2 terrible months left. Sure there will be plenty of snow come March, but at least there is usually a sprinkling of warm days mixed in. 

James has taken to sleeping on his floor...
usually cuddling his shoes
I also got back on the Pearl Izumi team for next year and made the Nuun team. So I'm pretty stoked about this coming year. I'm ready to have a year of good racing. After a lackluster year and a three month offseason I feel like I haven't trained and raced in over a year. Tomorrow is the big day to see if I got into Leadville or not and I guess that will really dictate my training. If not I'll be trying to race my way in at the Leadville Marathon, so I'll really have to get serious quick about training to get my climbing legs back. Overall though I feel good. My body handled building the mileage back up pretty well and I'm mentally really excited for the coming year. Now the big goal is to keep the consistency in runs up with working in the office again. Well that and getting Robert to start sleeping...that will be a major bonus in my life. 

of course Robert would love eating

the result of potty training and sleep training in the same weekend

a bit scary how close in size they already are

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Merry Christmas

Geez it's been awhile...I feel like life is starting to settle down so here's a quick over view of where life has taken us recently...

finally running is progressing in the right direction
as per usual Robert was not impressed with the tree
James learned to play guitar while watching Franti youtube videos
because the only way to decorate a Christmas tree is shirtless
cookie decorating after the gingerbread house collapsed
more decorating
watching the light display across the street
result of the chaos of a house full of boys
James learned to drive
Robert went to Alaska with me
because a snow day is never complete without some baking
James started preschool
introducing Robert to Tumble Leaf
opened Christmas presents
rode an airplane
danced with cousins
lots of hugging
more hugging for our second favorite ouie!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mission Accomplished

Since I've returned to work I've really been struggling with balancing work, running and the boys. With Robert still not sleeping through the night regularly and James waking up at 4 or 5 most mornings I struggle to get in an early morning run and work seems to zap me in the afternoons. In fact since I've been back to work I can't seem to get in more than 2-3 runs during the week. This week I decided I didn't care how short the runs I was going to get in 4 runs during the week. And with work meetings and therapy this week I wasn't even sure if I'd squeeze in a mile period. But somehow I managed...most were short runs but 4 runs during the week and 2 runs on the weekend! I figure if I can establish the consistency then I can start building back the miles. But too many days I'd been saying oh I only have time for 3 miles so it's not worth it. 

Tuesday I only managed 3 sweaty treadmill miles at 4am before James woke up. Thankfully I got him back to sleep for just long enough to get in a shower. It might have been short but it certainly made the long day of client meetings more bearable. So this is my plan for the rest of the year...consistency...even if it's low mileage I'm going to keep with it. Hopefully by January the boys decide to sleep a bit more and I can get some actual runs in. 

The boys, yes all three, also decided to get sick last week which made for a lot of fun for the mama! Thankfully all are on the mend and as crazy as ever. Other exciting happenings around the house included a trip to a new park which resulted in no fewer than 11.8 meltdowns until we realized it was actually a pretty cool park, putting our shoes on ourselves, throwing a poopy diaper down the stairs (I suppose its time to make a bigger potty training push again) and stunned looks of disbelief watching it all happen! Most of the time I'm pretty sure Robert is in awe of the family he was born into.